Vogue Security™ is totally involved in making sure that every aspect necessary to facilitate good business process within an organisation to achieve a sustainable business outcome is provided. To achieve this, lives, properties, and a safe environment are indispensable. We opt to employ only PSIRA registered guards in order deliver in the most functional manner with the expertise of our employees and to provide the best possible possible service to our clients. We ensure that each site is provided with both cell phone and radios to secure an effective communication between our control room, clients, and the management with dedicated supervisors and inspectors who harmonize our projects.

Company vehicles are used to facilitate site inspections and supervisions regularly.

  • Guards are dispatched to their various posts in complete uniform and PPE
  • They must be PSIRA registered and updated accordingly
  • They are involved in continuous education and training
  • They have no criminal records
  • Possess relatively an acceptable rate of fitness
  • Able to communicate in at least two official languages
  • Punctuality is paramount
  • Registered by company with all employee benefits
  • Regularly supervised to ensure compliance
  • They exhibit professionalism and make a strong and visible presence thereby keeping both lives and properties safe.


We collaborate with our partners and other industry leaders with our tracing and investigation division to ensure that negative events are mitigated and mount a heavy surveillance on suspected individuals. Vogue Security™ possess the capability to make a bespoke background check of any people or organisation to determine the high risk areas under our security assessment/survey and deploy professional, personal and/or
database measures to mitigate both loss and damage within any entity.