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This is where our dedicated agents professionally trace and find your absconding debtors who most of the times prove hard to find or possibilities of recovery by their credit providers. Surely, it is a daunting task for individuals or companies who normally do not have the expertise or know-how to track down these debtors. These debtors can cause their creditors a huge loss, even close down. They normally change their contactable details; but we can assist you bring them to light. Our services would involve databases, telephonic trace, investigations, surveillance or field trace.
We will provide you a trace report which includes the debtors/missing persons ID details, contact numbers, employment details, residential address, company/business details, marriage info, collateral property, or any other information the client may need. You can count on our tracing services. It is sustainable!


We render beneficiary tracing to institutions or entities seeking to find individuals to distribute some benefit to. We serve as intermediary between the beneficiary and the benefactor to trace the executor who would handle the benefits as required. It could be a spouse, child or a relative. Apart from our use of databases, we make use of field agent as well since some of the documents need to be signed. We serve and/or obtain documentation, trace and let the beneficiary complete them, do quality checks and return them to the entity for the benefit to be paid.


We render company/business tracing services where we search to find if such companies are legal entities, its directorship, members, registration number, address, contact details, if it is operational, dormant, legal status, credit status, or liquidated and the liquidator’s contact details, name, and year. Some businesses operating as sole proprietors can also be traced and complete and verified details reported back to clients. Our company tracing is second to none. Contact us for all your company/business scrutiny, whether it is a company lease of property, a company requesting for a loan, company directors/members background checks, or a company proposing to do business with you. We’ll find out for you. We guarantee you our service.


Finding a loved one can be challenging especially after years of contact or total loss of contacts. It is our service to trace and unite you with your parents, husband, wife, child/children or even a lost business partner. There are many events which can result to separation or loss of contact—this includes but not limited to Family chaos, economic opportunities/employment, death of a parent, divorce, relocation/migration, or even accidental loss of contacts of a business partner to fire or rubbery and more. Our professional tracing agents will assist you to bring a sustainable report in such cases. Alert us in any case, we’ll make you rejoice.


We render the service of tracing an employed individual who is to be served with a garnishee order in most cases. It is also important when trying to verify the employment of an individual by entities for a specific purpose. This type of trace will provide the client with information like employment status, employee number, HR person, occupation, physical address, sight details, contact numbers, gender, employment date,
emails etc. The information required by clients varies. We assist you in one touch.