The easiest, most economical and quickest way to register your company and trade formally is to seek our service. We register your company between 1-5 days (this normally takes about 30 days) and you can receive a brand new company registration service from as little as R499. If you have an existing company and wish to renew your status in the form of annual return, alert us. It is done instantly at an amazing price of
R150 plus the CIPC fees. Our company registration service comes with an official COR14.3 certificate, BEE Affidavit, and Tax number.

Non-profit company: Have a hand in social responsibility and impart our communities under the companies act. Note! We need at least three (3) people in order to register an NPC/NGO for your organisation at an affordable price of R899. Get you NPC registered in the shortest period of time.


New company registration
Get a tax number, Certificates and BEE Affidavit in 5 days
Price: R450
Process: Complete application form in our office or online; choose a name, fax or email, wait for about 5 days, collect anywhere in the world. Extra! A bank account with standard bank for interested and qualified customer at R300 for NPC that requires resolution and minutes.

Director/Member amendments
Are you in need of changes in the Directors of your company? We will provide you with these amendments to your choice.
Price: R450
Process: Complete the form, provide details of both old and new Directors and supply the conditions of the amendments. We lodge your application. Get it changed within 7 days.

Annual Return
Complete the application form in our office or online. Provide company details. Pay the cheapest fee of R150 plus the CIPC fee. Get it done the same day Note: It is a form of compliance as companies may not shortlist you for a tender if you don’t pay or on a deregistration process.

Name Reservation
Complete form in our office or online.
Choose your names.
Pay the cheapest fee of R200.
Get a reserved name with CIPC between 1-5days

B-BBEE Certificate/Affidavit
Depending on your company’s turnover, you may require a certificate or affidavit. PTY companies newly registered by us naturally come with a BEE Affidavit. If you qualify for a certificate, our partner accountants certified to evaluate and off a BEE Certificate will evaluate your company and issue it if qualified at a cost of R600.

Assign a name
I you have a legal company that does not have a registered name and needs to assign a name to it; this is for you.
Process: We apply and register your choice name. When approved, we apply for your new name and secure a name assigned to your company in 5days at R550.

Name changes
Process: We apply and register your choice name. When approved, we apply for your new name and secure a name assigned to your company in ONE WEEK at R450.

Address/Company contact change
If you have changed your address or the contact details of your company and needs to update it on your company documents, We offer you this service immediately at R250.

Marketing Materials
Come to us for all your business marketing materials and we will show you to the world. We link you with our partners who are industry leaders in marketing and they will provide you with quality, yet affordable marketing materials like business cards, logos, flyers, brochures, emails signatures, websites and more.

Business Plans
A business requires a business plan not only as your ‘manual’ to guiding your business to success. It is required by credit providers to assess the viability of your business before they engage in funding it. With our professional business plan prepared by experts in less than 1 month with years of business experience and in financial industry, you are sure to hit a deal. Contact us for a free quote for your business plan as each business varies from another.