Call Centre Services

Our dedicated and professional call centre allows us to deliver expertise in both outbound and inbound telephony services. Our cost-effective customer contact services encourage our clients to be more productive by allowing us manage and maintain their customers by keeping them in touch and at the same time do sales and marketing (of products and services) to their customers and provide lead supports with prospective customers as well as reporting a reliable daily feedback to clients for a sustainable business/project management. As outsourcing forms an integral part of most industries expansion and productivity, measures are taken by stakeholders to ensure that their approach yields the envisaged goals. Vogue contact services emerged for this reason to provide for all clients who sought our contact services a dependable, quality, cost-effective and sustainable contact service.

We trust our representatives, our work processes and the state-of-the-art technology. We also ensure that adequate staff education, workshops and in-house training is offered regularly as well as timely follow-ups that are made to customers to ensure clients satisfaction. Established telephone facility and database enable us to handle a large number of calls for big organisations. We have achieved a significant cost reduction and accelerated returns for our clients as well as the support edge to attain their milestones.

We render a second-to-none BPO Services:

  • Customer management services
  • Helpdesk Services
  • Telesales/marketing
  • Online support services
  • Inbound calling services
  • Outbound calling services
  • Order arrangements
  • Customer surveys
  • Lead generation
  • Business campaign services
  • Customer counselling services
  • Security Services